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About Darleen

Meet Darleen, a passionate advocate for fur babies and a creative force to be reckoned with. As a dedicated dog lover, her heart beats to the rhythm of paws, and her creative spirit effortlessly weaves through every aspect of her life.

With her children all grown up, Darleen has embraced the role of a female entrepreneur, showcasing her handmade treasures at artisan markets and online. Her creations not only reflect her boundless love for dogs but also reveal an innate ability to infuse artistry into everything she touches. Join Darleen on her journey, where the love for fur babies meets the boundless realms of creativity.

Wouf Bouf

Wouf-Bouf started out as Les délices Chic a home based Cake/Cupcake business for our human friends until one day…..

We were asked to participate in a non-profit for a local animal shelter. Being an insane animal lover I thought “Sure, why not bake dog biscuits even though you never have??? How could we have an event without some yummies for our fur babies.?!?!”

I began looking at the ingredients in commercial dog treats. Seeing all the unhealthy ingredients and tons of preservatives and food dyes, OMG! I never looked back and Gâteries Wouf-Bouf was founded.  7 years later, due to health reasons Wouf Bouf switched gears and entered the dog accessory world.  With two beautiful new puppies Darleen wanted to dress them up!

Made With Love

100% Cotton

Pamper your pooch with our dog accessories, meticulously handmade from 100% cotton for a blend of comfort and style that’s as soft on your pet as it is on the planet.

Made in Canada

Elevate your pup’s style with our exquisitely crafted, handmade dog accessories, proudly made in Canada. Each piece reflects a blend of artisanal excellence and the warmth of Canadian craftsmanship.


Tail-wagging perfection crafted by hand—our dog accessories boast artisanal excellence, ensuring your furry friend steps out in style with uniquely crafted love and care.

Globe & Tail

An always smiling Maltese named Gus and a rambunctious Yorkiepoo named Winston are always ready to check the latest fashion!


Are you a groomer or petstore?

We offer wholesale pricing, custom work, accessories and more  for your clien-“tail”. Find out more here.

Our products are 100% Quebec made with 100% cotton handcrafted in our beautiful city of Montreal.

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