Our fur babies deserve to celebrate their milestones !!! Birthdays? Puppy Graduation? Day they came to us days?  These are just a few reasons to celebrate oh…yes there are so many more days to celebrate our fur babies accomplishments.

Here at Gâteries Wouf-Bouf we love to hear about all the happy moments in our client-tails lives and we love to help you celebrate these special moments by supplying the perfect treat or cake!

Even when our human family has a party to celebrate a milestone  our fur babies should celebrate with them by having a special treat so they feel like they are  part of the family celebration. ( ask us  about our Pupcakes ,Dog-nuts or our special cookies)

A Paw-ty is a great way to have a puppy playdate. Your fur babies have BFFs ( Best Friend Forever) they love to spend time with. I have listed a few themes for a Paw-ty

Princess/Prince Paw-ty
Waterpark Paw-ty
Ultimate Fetch Paw-ty
Birthday Paw-ty

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